Konna Geosynthetics is an emerging geosynthetics supplier in Australian, and has office and lab tech in China to look for your promotional material if you like. We are an Australian company offering reliable business and negotiable payment from our parent office in China to get the best price and time efficient delivery. We have flexible warehouse in Australia for quick products supplement. We provide door to door delivery to avoid warehouse storage costs. We believe it is an economic way to source geosynthetic materials from us, without AU local distributors ad middle men.

Konna Geosynthetics produce a wide range of Geosynthetic Products and Erosion Control Products that meets International Standards, engineered to suit a broad spectrum of erosion control and protection applications including slope stabilization, riverbank stabilization. soil erosion control, embankment protection, and so forth. One of our featured products is the Nonwoven Geotextiles, click to find out more!

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Experienced Associates
With our vast geosynthetic products offering, our highly experienced associates will help you find the right resources and geosynthetic solution to finish your job the right way.
Premium Geosynthetics
We are your national outlet for premium geotextiles from top worldwide manufacturers, ranging from erosion and sediment management to road building and drainage.
Rich Experience
With years of experience in this industry, we will guide and assist you through out the process including choosing the best products such as geotextile, silt fence, etc.
Top Quality Supplier
At Konna Geosynthetics, our mission is to provide the top quality supplies of geosynthetic products that you need, backed by service from professional associates.

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